Parents: Role and Responsibility

For you as a parent, your child is the most valuable in your life. Your whole life you have worked so hard, only so that you can provide the best to them and you always dream that they grow up to be successful and respected citizens of the country. At Nagindas Khandwala College we understand. For we have the same dream as you for each one of our students. Our whole team of over a 300 leading educators consistently works to provide the best academic input and most hi-tech learning environment coupled with a deep respect for our value system to groom each one of our students to become a success story so that they not only make us and you proud, but the whole country on being an Indian.

Current parents

We always get valuable inputs from all of you on how we can improve the experience of your child in Nagindas Khandwala College. You can send all your valuable comments to your child`s institution head by clicking Here. Information on your daughter/son : In our institution full information on attendance, grades and examination status is online. We had activated this section so that you can see the progress of your child.

Prospective parents

Every year we counsel thousands of parents (and even grandparents!!). From this experience we have compiled in one place most of the info on the questions parents have.
Where and what your child studies is one of the most important decisions for them and you. We at Nagindas Khandwala College are there to answer all your questions that you may have.

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