Best Practices

Title of the Practice: Train the Teacher

Objectives of the Practice

To upgrade the knowledge of teachers, sharpen their skills and provide them information about latest developments..

The Context

The training is given after the gaps are identified in the skill set of the teachers. The skills which the teachers want to enhance is taken up for training.

The Practice

The training needs of the teaching faculty are identified through a competency skill matrix, then the trainer is located to deliver the training needs and feedback is calculated. The effectiveness of the training programme is calculated to measure the overall impact of the training programme.

Evidence of success

Through feedback it has been found that the trainees were able to gain knowledge and skills that are relevant, and were able to put them into practice, thus improving their performance.


The various activities organized in the areas around the campus has earned Nagindas Khandwala College a lot of goodwill and support from the locals.

Problems encountered and Resources required

The challenges are in selection of the right training programmes, keeping track of the latest developments and getting competent and qualified trainers to deliver the training programme.

With regard to the school in Karambeliwadi, due to the parents’ seasonal employment, the education of the children is disrupted.


It is essential to organise these sessions since faculties need to keep themselves updated with the latest developments in their fields and also enhance their professional skills. .

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