Best Practices

Title of the Practice: PROJECT POSHAN – 365 Days Food Distribution Drive

Objectives of the Practice

Providing underprivileged people with nutritional food through the 365 day food distribution drive.

The Context

Volunteers are identified for 365 days of food distribution drive and a timetable is designed where the volunteers are assigned duties for distribution for 365 days.

The Practice

Areas where the underprivileged people are located are identified and volunteers are assigned to distribute food to them. Nutritional food like is provided to the unprivileged in well packaged containers. The volunteers offer food to all the unprivileged people they are able to locate.

Evidence of success

Five thousand (5,000) food boxes have been distributed across the city of Mumbai, till date. The gratitude and blessings that the people offer by appreciating the efforts taken by the College is evidence of the project’s success.

Problems encountered and Resources required

At times, the volunteers are not available on the day and time allotted to them. Locating substitutes becomes a challenge. Delivering food during harsh weather is another challenge.


The entire process of food distribution is managed by student volunteers under the guidance of mentors.

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