Forthcoming Events

Arth-Utsav 2019, an Economics festival (9th August, 2019) [Brochure 1, 2, Rules]

Past events:

National conference on "Gender Discrimination and Entrepreneurship" 4th Dec. 2018. [Brochure - 1 2]

Dept. of English organized a national seminar on 'Use of technology in language learning and teaching' on 11th Sept. 2018

Dept. of Accountancy organists an International conference on the theme: International Conference on Risk Management (ICORM 2018)

  • BMS Section presents Kiran 2018: Keynote Speech on 'Rise and Shine' by Mr.Akash Gautam. 11th August, 2018 (9 am on wards) at Shri Shanmukhananda Chandrashekhar Saraswati Auditorium Hall
  • Arth-Utsav 2018, an Economic Fest on 1th August, 2018. (Brochure-1, 2, Rules & Topics)
  • One-week workshop on Research Methodology. Organized by Dept. of Economics (11-18, June, 2018)
  • Academic Audit 2nd April, 2018
  • One-day Workshop on 'Role of Internal complaints in Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women' on 5th Jan. 2018. [Brochure 1 2]
  • Two-day National Conference on 'GST: Issues and Implications' | 22-23, Jan. 2017 [Brochure ]
  • Department of Accountancy organists Career Fair on 28th Nov. 2017. [Sponsorship] [Career Themes]
  • International Conference on 'Data Analytics' on 29-30, Nov. 2017. [Brochure]
  • 5th Certificate Course in Online Information Sources, Tools and Techniques (COIST), 4-9 Dec. 2017. [Details] [Brochure]

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