Holistic Education with an Emphasis on National Development

The Vision and Mission of the Institution is to serve the society at large, and students belonging to linguistic minority in particular, with commitment, dedication and devotion. The College aims to provide holistic education with an emphasis on national development. The autonomous status provides freedom to the College to design new courses in line with recent trends and modifying the existing syllabi as per industry requirements. The College ensures the overall development of the students and prepares them to face the challenges of the industry. The College also offers an opportunity to learners to develop skills through Value Added Courses.


Nagindas Khandwala College aims to serve the society at large. Therefore, the College has adopted a school in Karambeliwadi Village in rural Maharashtra. The College organizes annual camps in the village, provides stationery and looks at various other requirements of the school. The Study Abroad Programme is the recent innovative approach in which the students undergo a part of the course in foreign universities. The College thus ensures that the vision and mission are in tune with the higher education policies of the nation. It offers modern, professional and technical career-oriented programmes.

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