Programmes Course Structure 

Academic Year - 2022-2023

Sr.No. Programmes - Course Structure Download
1 M.COM(Accountancy and Management)  
Sr.No. New Age Programmes - Course Structure Download
1 BBA (Honours) in Sports Management  
2 Master of Sports Management  
3 B.Sc. (Honours) in Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics  
4 M.Sc. in Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics  
5 B.Sc. (Honours) in Interior Design  
6 M.Sc. Interior Design  
7 B.B.A. (Honours) in Tourism and Travel Management  
8 Master of Tourism & Travel Management  
9 B.B.A. (Hons) in Business Administration  
10 B.B.A. (Hons) in Marketing Management  
11 BBA (Hons.) in Education Management  
12 BBA (Hons.) in Entrepreneurship  
13 Bachelor of Sports Management (Hons.) (Global Sports Management)  
14 Master of Sports Management (Global Sports Management)  
15 BBA (Hons.) in Professional Accountancy & Financial Management  
16 B.Com Acturial Studies  
17 Bachelor of Arts (Apparel Design and Construction)  
18 Masters in Luxury and Fashion Brand Management  
Sr.No. Programme - Course Structure Self-Finance Programmes Download
1 Bachelor of Arts- Mass Media Communication  
2 Bachelor of Commerce(Financial Markets)  
3 Bachelor of Management Studies(E-Commerce)  
4 Bachelor of Computer Science  
5 Bachelor of Information Technology  
6 Master of Science in Information Technology  
7 Bachelor of Management Studies  
8 Bachelor of Commerce(Accounting and Finance)  

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  • Proud to announce that 3 Patents have been granted by Government of India. 

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  • Principal's Message: I hope the year 2023 brings new hopes, joy, prosperity and blessings. May your talents get recognized and hard work pay you. I wish you and your family a wonderful year ahead. God Bless 

  • COMMITTEE LIST for A.Y. 2022-2023