Women Study Centre


The aim of WDC is to promote general well being of female students of the college through awareness programs and gender sensitisation. The cell will empower women through programs that highlight women rights, gender issues, gender inclusiveness. The cell will address concerns of gender discrimination and policies to ensure gender parity. Conduct conferences and seminars for students and faculty to spread awareness about gender related challenges, so that they are conscious about special needs of all genders.


Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. The WSC aims to provide an opportunity for positive action to redress the inequalities perpetuated in women’s lives. The objective of building a more resilient world which is just to all genders will be fulfilled. It aims at challenging deep mindsets of discrimination against women and focusses on trying to persuade all genders towards creating world with equal opportunities.


1. Meet Mehta 57 SyBcom A
2. Niyati Trivedi 260 SyBcom B
3. Urmi Mehta 61 SyBcom A
4. Smit Chhadwa 11 SyBcom A


Cyber security lecture by Ms. Zenobia Khodaji

Self defence workshop

Workshop on Acupressure


Cyber security workshop

Women Development Cell of our college in collaboration with ‘Maharashtra State Commission for Women’ organised a one-day workshop on ‘Role of Internal Complaints Committee in Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women’ on January 5, 2018.


Self defence workshop

WDC organized a One-Day National Conference on ‘Gender Discrimination and Entrepreneurship’ sponsored by Maharashtra State Commission for Women on 4th December 2018

A talk on Gender Justice was organized in collaboration with NSS unit of the college on 10th August 2018

A talk was organized on “Striving for Excellence” on 6th August 2018 by Mrs. B.T.Sundari


Cyber security lecture

Participating in personal safety by ARPAN

Movie Screening- MUKTIPARV on 23rd September 2019


A National Level Webinar was organised on ‘Gender Concerns in Covid 19 Pandemic’ on 8th July 2020

Cyber security lecture

Session for dental care “ One more Reason to smile”

PCOD workshop for girls students

A session on “ Dealing with family dynamics “ on 30th May 2020