N.S.S. has been very actively organizing number of activities with the motto not mebut you. More than 30 activities were conducted by N.S.S. volunteers in this academic year. We appreciate the involvement of all our N.S.S. volunteers in various activities which was possible because of theleadership and guidance by none other than Prof. Vinay Prabhu. We congratulate Mr. Ajay Gupta andMs.Galliena Chettiar for being adjudgedas the Best Male N.S.S. Volunteer and Best Female N.S.S. Volunteer for the academicyear 2011-12.

Thoughour college does not have an N.C.C. Unit of its own, 47 cadets got enrolled toN.C.C. through various centres. In factI like to thank all my N.C.C. cadets and N.S.S. volunteers for the help theyrendered to the college on various occasions.

TheNSS Unit of the college conducted a number of activities during the academicyear 2011-2012. The following were the major activities during the year:

  • Cleanliness and awarenessdrive at bhadran nagar and daruwala compound: Every Saturday, one group comprisingof 20 to 25 NSS volunteers would visit the adopted area and conduct acleanliness drive. Volunteers went through the narrow by lanes of Bhadran Nagarand Daruwala compound and cleaned it. They set an example for the localresidents to keep their area clean. Besides cleanliness, awareness on socialissues were created by distributing paper bags and pamphlets with a variety ofmessages on them.
  • Paper bag making : Some NSS volunteersreceived training on how to make paper bags at Thakur College. These volunteerstrained other NSS volunteers. Through out the year NSS volunteers were involvedin paper bag making. The volunteers prepared around 8250 bags and distributedthem free of cost in the adopted area,near by vicinities as well as in the shops of Arnala village when the studentswent for the rural camp. These paper bags had messages on a variety of socialissues. This activity received enthusiastic response from the NSS Volunteersand also from the local community. This activity was possible because of thesupport from the college library which provided old news papers.
  • Beach cleaningcompetition (16th july 2011): Itwas the competition conducted byXavier’s college as a part of Malhar. The competition known as Chakachak,whose objective was to collect recycle and non recyclable waste for e.g.plastic, paper, rubber, shoe etc. Our 4 NSS volunteer participated.
  • Lecture on hepatitis by AnubhavMumbai (27th july 2011): The main motive was to make youth awareof Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. Students were made aware about the causes &prevention of hepatitis.
  • Lecture On MalariaAwareness (28th July 2011): Theprogram was conducted in two sessions. First half was conducted by Mr. AshokRamtakey (Community Development officer, PN ward, BMC) who gave detailinformation about the programs followed by BMC to keep Mumbai malaria free.This year they had succeeded to control 80% of Mumbai from malaria. The 2ndsession was conducted by Prof. Ramchandra Sonavdekar who gave information aboutwater borne diseases. He informed that about 6000 people get affected bymalaria every day.
  • MDACc peer educationprogram (3rd August 2011) : Peer education wasgiven on how to spread HIV/AIDS awareness in community and Ganesh mandal duringthe Ganesh festival.
  • Selling of rakhis(4 August 2011): 70 volunteer participated for this activity andcontributed towards the purchase of rakhi’s to help the handicapped children
  • Peace rally at AzadMaidan (6th August 2011) : APeace rally wasconducted by Mumbai University at Churchgate Azad Maidan. 90 volunteersparticipated in the rally. Rally started from Azad Maidan to Hutatma Chowk.
  • Blood Donation Drive(11th August 2011) : Vice Principal Dr.G.K. Kalkoti inaugurated the BloodDonation Drive. 36 NSS volunteers actively participated in the event. 157 unitsof blood were collected on the occasion. A number of students underwent theThalessemia blood check up. During the blood donation drive students were madeaware of HIV/AIDS.
  • International Youth Day(12th August 2011 ) : International Youth Day was celebrated by RRCvolunteers whereby the awareness of HIV/AIDS was done through the ABCapproach. The theme was making friendswith Condoms board & participating in Protect Yourself Movement. Above 250members participated. RRC bands and voucher’s on HIV/AIDS were distributed.
  • Independence day(15TH August 2011) : On 15thAugust Independence Day was celebrated. Around 50 NSS volunteers participatedin the ceremony. 5 volunteers attended Independence Day at University whereflag hoisting was done. After that, prize distribution ceremony was conductedwhere best NSS volunteers were rewarded with certificates & awards.
  • Kanya Bachao Andolan(18th August 2011) : Aseminar on Kanya Bachao Andolan was conducted by Mumbai University. 2volunteers attended that seminar. Seminar was about how to protect a girlchild?
  • Leadership Camp(27th to 31st August 2011) : 2 NSS volunteer participated intraining camp. It was a residential 5 days camp. There were sessions onleadership, adventure, parental consultancy, consumer rights, and street playsand on the protection of snakes. District co-coordinator Prof. Sushil Shindedelivered a lecture on importance ofNSS, its duties, accounts and yearly activities.
  • Ganpati Imersion(7th September 2011) : More than 50volunteer actively helped the Malad Police station during the 7thday of Ganpati Immersion at Mith Chowki.
  • Anubhav Mumbai(21st September 2011) : 10 volunteers attended the seminarconducted by Anubhav Mumbai. The seminar was regarding gender discriminationand importance of saving the girl child in the society.
  • NSS day celebration (24thseptember 2011) : 90NSS volunteers participated in the NSS day celebration.The day started withwelcoming the Chief Guest Ex Prof G.K.Upadhyaya. A motivational speech was given by the Chief Guest, ProfSuchak and Prof Dalvi.
  • Poster and elocutioncompetition : (27th september2011) : An elocutioncompetition was conducted in which 20 volunteers participated. The theme forposter painting was ‘Peace’ and for elocution was ‘Save The Girl Child’ whereHeena Ansari won the 1st prize and she was sent to Thakur Collegefor the District level competition.
  • Rural Camp:46 NSS Vounteersalong with 2 ex-students and 5 staff members organized a rural camp at ZillaParishad School in Arnala Village at Virar from 19th November to 25th November2011. The activities conducted during the camp were Cleaning and painting ofthe Zilla Parishad School, Beach Cleaning, Sports and art competition for localschool children , Talks for NSS Volunteers on variousaspects of life, Paper Bag Distribution, Street play training.
  • Civil defence managing disasters (30th January to 3rdFebruary 2012) 35 NSS volunteers attended and completed 5 days Civil DefenceTraining Programme which prepared them to handle disasters.

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