Library Advisory Committee

Chairperson Prof. (Dr.) Moushumi Datta
Secretary Ms. Sonali Vhatkar
Members Dr. Mona Mehta
Dr. Varsha M. Ainapure
Dr. Sindhu P. M.
Dr. Swapna Joshi

Responsibilities of LAC

  • To ensure relevant and ample collection of books, journals, online and offline information sources to support all the degrees and the courses offered in the college.
  • To allocate appropriate budget to procure the above stated source materials to meet the curricula of degrees and courses.
  • To cater library extensive services to the students and teachers.
  • To make the library as one of the state-of the-art libraries in the western suburbs of Mumbai.

Student Library Advisory Committee (SLAC)

The library has an active Student Library Advisory Committee (SLAC) comprising ten students representing all courses. The Librarian represents as Convenor, Assistant Librarian as Secretary, General Secretary of the college as Student Representative and the rest are as Members of the SLAC.

Responsibilities of SLAC

  • To involve the students in decision-making.
  • To educate about the UGC-NAAC guidelines in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Library and Information Centre in particular and the college in general.
  • To create an awareness of the resources available in the library.
  • To bridge the gap between LAC and students of the college.
  • To train and educate the students in leadership skills, decision making and effective presentation of ideas.

Admission Merit List