Khandwala Publishing House

Khandwala Publishing House (KPH) is the official publication unit of our College. KPH aims to publish scholarly books on pertinent issues on varied subjects. The KPH has already got ten ISBNs from the ISBN agency to publish 10 books and we published 7 books so far. The birth of KPH is all possible due to the genuine support extended by our Management team and our faculty. The KPH undertakes publication work of any academic books by academician, university or college.

Published Books

  1. Jose, Ancy et al. (ed). Society, Politics and Climate Change. Mumbai: Khandwala Publishing House, 2014. p.418 (ISBN: 978-81-924836-2-7)
  2. Jose, Ancy et al. (ed). Leadership and Change Management. Mumbai: Khandwala Publishing House, 2014. p.206. (ISBN: 978-81-924836-3-4)
  3. Jose, Ancy et al. (Ed). Educational Techniques: Teaching, Learning and Quality Enhancement, Mumbai: Khandwala Publishing House, 2012. p.314. (ISBN: 978-81-924836-0-3)
  4. Jose, Ancy et al. (ed). Gandhi in the New Millennium: Issues and Challenges. Mumbai: Khandwala Publishing House, 2014. p.291. (ISBN: 978-81-924836-1-0)
  5. Jose, Ancy et al. (ed). Gender Diversity and Development. Mumbai: Khandwala Publishing House, 2016. p.379. (ISBN: 978-81-924836-4-1)
  6. Jose, Ancy et al. (ed). Social Inclusion Through Women Empowerment and Improvement in Higher Education. Mumbai: Khandwala Publishing House, 2016. p.117. (ISBN: 978-81-924836-5-8)
  7. Jose, Ancy et al. (ed). Quality Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Processes in Higher Education. Mumbai: Khandwala Publishing House, 2017. p.178. (ISBN: 978-81-924836-6-5)

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