Heads of the College

Dr. Ancy Jose M.Sc., Ph.D


Head, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Director, MKES Academic Institutions

E-mail: principal@nkc.ac.in

Dr. Mona Mehta M.B.A., M.Com., M.Phil., DAPR, NET, SET, Ph.D.

Vice-Principal (Self-Finance Section)

Department of Management Studies (BMS)

E-mail: mona@nkc.ac.in

Department of BMS

Mrs. Gargi Dubey M.Com., B.Ed., M.Phil

Assistant Professor

E-mail: gargi@nkc.ac.in

Department Of B.Com(A/F), B.Com(B/I) & B.Com(F.M)

Dr. Kavita Shah M.A (Eco), M.B.A(Finance), M.Phil, NET, PhD

Head of Department, Coordinator BAF, BBI & BFM

E-mail: kavitas@nkc.ac.in

Ms. Meha H. Todi M.Com., M.Phil., SET.

Assistant Professor

E-mail: meha@nkc.ac.in

Mrs. Poonam Popat M.Com., PGD(Taxation Practice), DIM, MBA (Finance), NET

Assistant Professor

E-mail: poonamp@nkc.ac.in



Ms. Poonam. Vamza M.Com., M.Phil., Net., SET

Assistant  Professor

E-mail: poonamv@nkc.ac.in

Department of BMM

Mrs. Preethi. Rao M.A., M.Phil.

Faculty, Placement-in charge And Co-ordinator

Email: preethi@nkc.ac.in

Mr. Nelson Daniel MA

Assistant Professor

Email: nelson@nkc.ac.in

Department of B. Sc(I.T) And B. Sc (CS)

Ms. Sindhu P M

Assistant Professor

E-mail: sindhu@nkc.ac.in

Mrs. Kavita Rana M.Sc. (Maths)

Assistant Professor

Email: kavitar@nkc.ac.in

Mrs. Niramaye Deshpande M.C.A.

Assistant Professor

E-mail: niramaye@nkc.ac.in

Ms. Anisha Asirvatham MCA

Assistant Professor

E-mail: anisha@nkc.ac.in

Ms. Sweety Garg

Assistant Professor

E-mail: sweety@nkc.ac.in