College Development Committee

Category No. Name
Chairperson of the Management or his nominee ex-officio chairperson 1 Shri Hasmukh D. Rambhia
Secretary of the Management or his nominee 1 Shri Dilip Gala
One head of department, to be nominated by the Principal or the head of the institution 1 Shri Vijay G. Suchak
Three teachers in the college or recognized institution, elected by the full time amongst themselves out of whom atleast one shall be woman 1 Shri Suresh K. Shetkar
2 Dr. Vidya Shetty
3 Dr. Mona Mehta
One non-teaching employee, elected by regular non-teaching staff from amongst themselves 1 Shri Santosh J. Akhade
Four local members, nominated by the Management in consultation with the Principal, from the fields of education, industry, research and social service of whom atleast one shall be alumnus 1 Dr. Vijay V. Khole
2 Prin. K. Venkatramani
3 Shri Lalit Chheda
4 Shri Digant H. Upadhyaya
Co-ordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Committee of College 1 Dr. Moushumi Datta
President and Secretary of the College Students’ Council 1 Yet to be elected
2 Yet to be elected
Principal of the college or head of the institution – Member Secretary 1 Dr. (Mrs.) Ancy Jose
Special Invitees 1 Dr. Bharat Gala
2 Shri Chandrakant Gala
3 Shri Avinash B. Parekh
4 Shri Shantilal Patel
5 Shri Haresh H. Vira
6 Shri Bharat Gupta
7 Shri Thomson Thomas, Controller of Examination

Finance Committee

Category No. Name
Principal (Chairperson) 1 Dr. (Mrs.) Ancy Jose
e-mail id :
Person Nominated by the Management/Governing Body for a period of two years 1 Dr. Bharat Gala
e-mail id :
Senior most teacher to be nominated in rotation by Principal for two years. 1 Prof. Vijay G. Suchak
e-mail id:
2 CA. Dr. Varsha M. Ainapure
e-mail id :
Finance & Accounts Officer of the University or his nominee not below the rank of officer next to him 1 Dr. (CA.) Pradeep D. Kamthekar Finance & Accounts Officer, University of Mumbai, Fort, Mumbai.
e-mail id :
Non-Teaching Employee nominated by Principal – Member Secretary 1 Mr. Girish R. Rathod Office Superintendent
e-mail id :
Special Invitee 1 Dr. Moushumi Datta Professor Vice Principal

Academic Council

Category No. Name
Principal (Chairperson) 1 Dr. (Mrs.) Ancy Jose
Heads of Department 1 Shri Vijay G. Suchak
2 Dr. Varsha M. Ainapure
3 Shri Suresh K. Shetkar
4 Shri Vinay Prabhu
5 Smt. Gargi Dubey
6 Smt. Kavita Shah
7 Smt. Preethi Rao
8 Dr. Sindhu P.M.
9 Dr. Marina Pereira
Teachers of the College representing different categories of teaching staff by rotation on the basis of seniority of service 1 CA. Haresh Godhia
2 Dr. Bharat Pithadia
3 Dr. Prakash Dongre
4 Dr. Mona Mehta
Experts from Outside representing such areas as Industry, Commerce, Law, Education, Medicine, Engineering, etc. nominated by Governing Body 1 Dr. Naresh Chandra
2 Prin. K. Venkatramani
3 CA. Rakesh Agrawal
4 Dr. Mathews T.J.
State Government Nominee - Director of Higher Education, Pune. 1 Dr. Dhanraj Mane
Nominees of University 1 Dr. Kavita Lagate
2 Prin. Dr. A.P. Mahajan
3 Prin. Dr. C.T. Chakraborty
Faculty member nominated by Principal (Member Secretary) 1 Dr. Moushumi Datta
Special Invitee 1 Shri Thomson Thomas

Governing Body

Category No. Name
Management (President / Director as the Chairperson) 1 Shri Hasmukh Devji Rambhia - Chairperson
2 Dr. Bharat Gala
3 Shri Chandrakant Gala
4 Shri Digant H. Upadhyaya
5 Shri Bharat Gupta
Teachers (Nominated by Principal based on seniority) 1 Shri Vijay G. Suchak
2 Dr. Varsha M. Ainapure
Educationist nominated by the Management 1 Dr. Vijay Khole
UGC Nominee (Nominated by UGC) 1 Dr. Arpana Beniwal
State Government Nominee (Academician not below rank of Professor or State Government Official of Directorate of Higher Education / State Council of Higher Education 1 Dr. Yuvraj Malge, Joint Director, Higher Education
University Nominee (Nominated by University) 1 Prin. Dr. Usha Mukundan
IQAC Co-ordinator 1 Dr. Moushumi Datta
Principal of the College (Ex-Officio) 1 Dr. (Mrs.) Ancy Jose
SPECIAL INVITEES 1 Shri Avinash B. Parekh
2 Shri Dilip Gala
3 Shri Shantilal Patel
4 Shri Haresh H. Vira
5 Dr. Mona Mehta
6 Capt. Chintan Bhatia
7 Shri Vishal Parekh


Sr. No. Role Name Designation
1 Chairperson Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta I/c. Principal
2 Coordinator Dr. Mona Mehta Vice Principal, HOD – Management Studies
a Managing Committee Mr. Digant H. Upadhyaya Hon. Secretary, Malad Kandivli Education Society
b Nominee of Local Society Prin. K. Venkatramani  Former Registrar, University of Mumbai
c Nominee from Employers Mr. Vishal Parekh

Vice President for Advertising Monetization - Reliance Retail

d Nominee from Industrialist Mr. Dilip Gala Hon. Secretary, Malad Kandivli Education Society
e Nominee from Stakeholders Mr. Amit Gheewala Parent
f Faculty Member Dr. Kavita Kalkoti Associate Professor, Dept. of Commerce
  CA. Dr. Reena Desai  Associate Professor, Dept. of Accountancy
  Dr. Madhukar Dalvi Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics
  Dr. Sindhu P.M. Coordinator and Assistant Professor - Dept. of Computer and Information Science
  Mrs. Poonam Shah Coordinator,  Dept. of Finance and Banking
  Mrs. Poonam Popat Coordinator, Dept. of Finance and Banking
  Mrs. Sonali Singh Asst. Professor, Dept. of Management Studies
  Mr. Ashish Modi Assistant Professor,  Dept. of Computer and Information Science
g Controller of Examinations and Evaluation
Mr. Thomson Thomas
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics
h Librarian Ms. Sonali Vathkar Librarian
i Senior Administrative Officer Mr. Santosh Akhade Registrar

Mr. Girish Rathod Office Superintendent

Mr. Chandrashekhar Penta Administration
j Student Ms. Trupti Singh M.Com. Part II
k Alumni Capt. Chintan Bhatia Alumni
l Special Invitee Dr. Mrs. Ancy Jose Director, Malad Kandivli Education Society

CA Dr. Varsha Ainapure Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Accountancy

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