Research Projects

The following research projects have been undertaken by our faculty.


Nature of the Project Name of the Researcher Title of the project Name of the funding agency Funds Granted
2012-13 Post-Doc International Visiting Scholar CA Dr. Varsha Ainapure Transition from US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to International Financial Reporting Standards – Study of Consequent Changes in Teaching Strategies United States India Educational Foundation (USIEF) $ 43,807
2014-15 Research Project CA Dr. Varsha Ainapure  'Disclosure Compliance of Cash Flow Statements(vis-a-vis Accounting Standards 3): Evidence from the Listed Indian Companies' University of Mumbai Rs. 30,000
6 months
Prof.Dr.Moushumi Datta “Ground Water Study Across Different Districts
of Maharashtra”
Roofit Mix 1,95,000
2010-12 Minor Dr. CA Reena Desai A Study on Financing Models for Higher Education Institutes UGC, Pune Rs. 90,000
2009-10 Minor Dr. G. K. Kalkoti Performance Evaluation of Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) in Dharward District UGC, Pune Rs. 85,000
2010-12 Minor Dr. Kavita G. Kalkoti Business Model for Public Private Partnership(PPP) UGC, Pune Rs. 50,000
2019-20 Minor Dr. Kavita Kalkoti Infrastructure Imperatives to SMEs that will Strengthen SME Competitiveness University of Mumbai Rs. 40,000
2007-09 Minor Dr. Madhukar Dalvi Applications of Queuing Model in Admission Process of different colleges in Mumbai UGC, Pune Rs. 60,000
2013 -2015 Minor Dr. Mona Mehta Holistic Development of Students through Co-Curricular Activities UGC, Pune Rs. 75,000
2016-17 Minor Dr. Mona Mehta Influence of Celebrity Endorsements on Consumer Purchase Decision. University of Mumbai Rs. 30,000
2019-20 Minor Dr. Mona Mehta Perception of Millennials towards Online Food Delivery Applications University of Mumbai Rs. 50,000
2019-20 Minor Dr. Mona Mehta Impact of Mobile Phones on Young Adults’ Social Life SEED money of MKES, Nagindas Khandwala College  Rs. 45,000
2019-20 Minor Dr. Prakash Dongre Assessment of Forest Resources and it’s Utilization: A study of Ratnagiri District University of Mumbai Rs. 80,000
2016-17 Minor Dr. Santosh C Hulagabali Automating and Networking of Academic Staff Colleges University of Mumbai Rs. 30,000
2016-17 Minor Dr. Sindhu P. M. Developing Expressibility Index for Indian Languages University of Mumbai Rs. 25,000
2012-14 Interdisciplinary projects Dr. Vinay V.Prabhu
Dr. Bharat M. Pithadia
Mr V. G. Suchak
A Study of Organizational Culture in Private and Public Sector Banks University of Mumbai Rs. 30,000
2009-11 Minor Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta Quality of Life of Tea Garden Women: Selected Case Studies in Tea Gardens of Darjeeling District, West Bengal UGC, Pune 1,50,000
2012-14 Major Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta Sustainable Development and its Socio Economic Implication: The Case of Duars of West Bengal ICSSR Rs. 5,60,075
2017-2018 Minor Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta Understanding Concerns of Street Children in Mumbai and their Emancipation Maharashtra State Commission of Women. Rs. 1,50,000
2014-15 Minor Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta Multi -Decadal Change Detection and Future Prediction of Mangroves in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with LANDSAT Imagery and a Markov Chain Model University of Mumbai Rs. 25,000
2018-2019 Minor Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta Socio-Economic and Environmental Status of Newly Urbanized Talukas of Northern Raigad University of Mumbai 50,000
2019-21 Ongoing Major Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta Study of Road Traffic Congestion in Greater Mumbai : Spatio-Social Dimension and Geo-Spatial Appraisal and Solutions  Impress Rs.1200000
2019-20 Minor Dr. Kavita Shah The impact of entrepreneurship development scheme on women: A study of women run micro enterprise in selected suburbs of Mumbai Nagindas Khandwala 43,000
2019-20 Minor Ms. Poonam Shah “A Study on perception of women towards life Insurance policies” Nagindas Khandwala 45,000

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