Joy of Giving

Joy of giving is a 5 day Festival organized in the last week of December with an aim to spread light, hope and happiness to the street kids and celebrate New Year with them. Food kits are distributed to the street kids of Mumbai across the Harbour line, Central Line, Western line.

Karambeliwadi Khel Mahotsav (KKM)

Karambeliwadi Khel Mahotsav (KKM) is a sports event that is held every year in Karambeliwadi village, Pen Taluka, Raigad District. Sports activities such as Cricket, kho-kho, sack race, lemon and spoon, etc.

Project Parchai: Caring Unconditionally

We have been able to reach countless grandparents and individuals with physical disabilities. Under this project we distribute wheelchairs to the physically challenged and we also distribute raincoats, umbrellas, utensils, footwears, winter clothes to the destitutes and villagers of Karambeliwadi.

Project Parivartan: Creating today, transforming tomorrow

This project aims at providing infrastructure for improving the standard of living through the constructions of schools and sanitation facilities at Karambeliwadi Village, Pen Taluka,Raigad District. During monsoon season, houses of our grandparents in Karambeliwadi were majorly affected so we distributed tadpatri.

Project Paryavaran: Nurturing the Nature

This project is dedicated to create a greener environment by planting trees, we have been able to restore ecosystems, combat climate change, and create havens of natural beauty by planting Neem Plants in the Tribal village of Karambeliwadi.

Project Patang: Making people fly high

This project focuses on visits to mentally challenged homes, orphanage home and oldage homes. The aim of this project is to spend quality time with orphans and grandparents who have been abandoned by their loved ones.

Project Pehchaan: Empowering hands, Securing lives

This project aims at creating employment opportunities for the tribals of Karambeliwadi, Pen Taluka, Raigad Dist.This project provided employment opportunities to the villagers of Karambeliwadi through Mango Sales wherin mangoes cultivated in the village were brought and sold in Mumbai. This project also promotes Horticulture to create employment opportunities for the villagers.

Project Pehel: A step towards humanity

Project Pehel is a four day camp organized every year before Diwali. The four day camp comprises of grocery kit distribution, session on  Menstruation, drugs awareness session, cleanliness drive, tree plantation, educational activities. 

Project Poshan: Nourished the Malnourished.

Project Poshan focuses on providing food to the destitutes 365 days. Through this project we completed first cycle of of Food Distribution Drive which was started from 1st May 2022 to 30th April 2023. Until now we have been able to distribute 9000+ Food Boxes to the destitute and distributed grocery Kits on monthly basis to the poor and the underprivileged.

Project Pragati:Education to elevate

Project Pragati focuses on educating the tribal kids by organizing educational activities, distributing stationery kits, donating old books, distributing projectors in Karambeliwadi Village, Pen Taluka, Raigad District.

Project Prerna: Empowering Women

This project focuses on organizing Menstruation sessions and distributed sanitary pads. We also have been distributing sarees and gift hampers to the underprivileged women on the streets.

Project Pukaar: Voice for the voiceless

Through our collective efforts, we have been able to provide sustenance and care to countless animals who would otherwise go hungry and suffer Through this Project we feed the animals on streets.

ASPIRE - Act to Achieve

ASPIRE - Act to Achieve is a platform for encouraging and showcasing acting skills. For enhancing, encouraging and escalating their confidence to next level and nurturing their communication skills by giving them the freedom to express their ideas. ASPIRE helps every individual to unfold their capabilities through their zeal and synergy to create every scene in a lively manner


REVIVE is an Inter-Collegiate motivational seminar conducted every year wherein motivational speakers across the globe come and share their life experiences to empower the youth. Few of our renowned speakers were Satish Dua, Anand Pillai, Saara Roose, Rahul Bhatnagar, Ripu Handa, etc

This year we were delighted to have Indian fighters Dr.DPK Pillai and Commodore Vijaypal Singh Rawat in our event. 


Symphony is an intra collegiate 5 day cultural festival held in the college. There are 45+ events all over including performing arts like dancing, singing, acting, prince and princess, fashion crew, etc. In  literary arts events such as poet, debater, Orator, storyteller and many more. Fine arts included events like sketch artist, nail artist, face painter, makeup artist, etc. In informals we have events like entrepreneur, stock trader, chef, social media star, etc. Last year we witnessed over 2000+ participation wherein  there was an explosion of talent infused with passion, excitement, competition making the event a thrilling ride.

Bhavishya Bharat- Walking today, towards tomorrow

Bhavishya Bharat- Walking today, towards tomorrow'-  National Award Festival was conducted on 14th September 2022. It is a platform to cherish the efforts of the social work done by the college by providing them a platform and recognition. Bhavishya Bharat believes in motivating the youth towards social work and encouraging them to continue their selfless service for the development of this nation. There were 180+ registrations which included participation from 85+Colleges, 15 States and 2 Union Territories

The first edition of Bhavishya Bharat was a grand success wherein we saw the plethora of innovative ideas filled with dedication and passion of the colleges.