Department of M.Sc. IT


Masters of Science (MSc.) in Information Technology, started in 2004, is a Post-graduation programme of 104 credits offered by the Department of Information technology and Computer Science, Nagindas Khandwala College [Autonomous], under the Choice Based Credit and Grading System. The programme is designed to fulfil the demand for trained professionals in Information Technology. The curriculum is designed to develop strong theoretical foundation while ensuring the applications of acquired knowledge in various fields.

In the first year, students have to complete four courses with theory and practical in each semester. In the second year, the Department offers specializations.


Master of Science (MSc) Programme in Information Technology

Two Year Integrated Programme - Four Semesters

About the Credit Scheme:

  • 104 Credits for the entire MSc course:
    • 24 Credits for each semester (24*4=96), + 8 Extra credits
  • For Semester I, II, III and IV each:
    • Four Credits per Theory Course (4*16 Courses = 64 Credits)
    • Two credits per Practical (2*14 = 28 credits)
    • 1 Industry / Research Project = 4 credits
  • 60 teaching hours per course (core/elective/IC/Ability Enhancement) during the Semester.


  • Practical Oriented Curriculum
  • Industry oriented projects
  • Experienced faculties
  • Blended mode of learning
  • High-tech computer labs
  • Classrooms with LCD projector

The curriculum is framed to accomplish the following program objectives by the end of study.

  1. To provide maximum practical experience to enrolled students in order to help them choose their path and pace according to their aptitude and ability.
  2. To prepare the students with the capabilities of independently designing and executing research projects and apply their knowledge to come up with technical solutions to problems.
  3. To facilitate inclusive development of the student technically, managerially and individually through various support courses along with the core subjects